About Me

Hi! I’m Katherine, and welcome to Discovering Shakespeare!

I’m an avid lover of all things Shakespeare. I first fell in love with the Bard watching Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V at school, followed by a trip to Stratford and the RSC to watch David Tennant in Hamlet, and I was a woman obsessed!

I’ve launched Discovering Shakespeare to explore all things Shakespeare: working through his plays, exploring all the layers , and delving in to productions, films, and books. While I am an ardent lover of Shakespeare, nobody can know everything there is to know about the bard, and this blog is a place to share everything I’m discovering – hopefully in a way that doesn’t reek of academia!

I hope you can find something here to be of help or interest to you – whether you are new to Shakespeare or have a particular interest in the bard of Avon.

And if you fancy chatting Shakespeare even more, don’t forget to add me on twitter!

See you back here soon 🙂

I’ve collaborated with the fabulous Izzy on photographs for this blog. Her wonderful photography really has brought my vision of the blog to life!