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RSC: Twelfth Night

Last night was the RSC cinema broadcast of Twelfth Night. I hadn't seen a production of Twelfth Night since I watched a production by the drama students at uni, and hadn't seen it on the professional stage since Richard Wilson played Malvolio at the RSC in 2009, so I felt the time was right to try another production! Viola and Sebastian in this production are from India, shipwrecked to Illyria, which takes the form of nineteenth century England...

Romeo and Juliet, Tragedy

DISCOVERING… Romeo and Juliet

My first foray in to discovering more about Shakespeare is with Romeo and Juliet. I chose this play because it’s one that I have experienced regularly ever since I was at school, and yet one I have never felt entirely sold on. Star-crossed lovers fall in love, get married, and kill themselves in the space… Continue reading DISCOVERING… Romeo and Juliet


5 Reasons You Should Try Shakespeare

Shakespeare is not always synonymous with ‘this is the best thing that has happened to me in all of literature’. I mean, for me it is, but I know that you are probably reading this and thinking but what about everything else that has ever been written ever? And you may have a point. But let me put forth five reasons why we should all try Shakespeare!